Jasmine Roberts

My life has always been based around people in one form or another. Born in New Zealand, much of my early life was spent travelling, gathering a rich store of experiences – both of places and people. Working in customer services gave me a much deeper insight into a huge range of people and the situations they found themselves struggling with. When I decided to settle in the UK, I wanted to use that experience positively, and I found myself drawn to counselling.

I am proud to offer professional and confidential service.  My approach is warm but also pragmatic, utilising a blend of counselling and hypnotherapy that I have found provides the most effective – and gentle – approach to help my clients deal with whatever issue they may be facing.

The insights gained through working with bereavement services during the past six years have given me an even deeper understanding of human nature and a greater awareness of fragility.

We all have a story that shapes us and makes us who we are.  Finding space where you know you are supported and are listened to is so important, and empowers you.

I am accredited with the National counselling society and the National hypnotherapy society so I work under strict standards of code of conduct.

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At different points in our lives, we all need someone to talk to. Someone who can listen respectfully and with sensitivity. In my career, I’ve found working with people through some of the most difficult times in their lives to be very fulfilling.