Here are a few general tips for caring for yourself when you have Anxiety.

Get a good night’s sleep. Ok I know it sounds simple but prioritising sleep when you have anxiety is a must. That’s why it’s at the top of the list. If you have insomnia, sleep, or nap when you can. Rest when you can’t. 

Be kind to yourself.  If you hear that inner critic talking to yourself in a way you wouldn’t to a friend then ask it to be kind. No one is perfect.

Music, music, music.  Listen to it, play it, and dance to it. Choose music which makes you feel positive. Part of your history, your background. Music can be a powerful connection to your history, it can help calm your mind.

Accept the unknown. There will always be things that you don’t know and things that can’t be changed. Avoiding these and walking away from these things till they become known or change will help you be more peaceful. Remember somethings may never make sense to you and that is ok.

Exercise in a way that you find enjoyable. This is such a unique task for everyone. Challenge yourself to find what works for you. When you find enjoyment in an activity it will help you continue to do it. 

Try not to make things more than they are. Do not let a perceived problem, weakness or failure become more of a problem than what it actually is. If you need help with this sometimes talking it over with a friend can help. 

Regularly take deep breathes. Breathing deeply into the belly can really help you feel calmer. Hold the breath for a few seconds and then release it slowly. Do this at least once a day and more often if you can. 

Stay connected. However, you do this will be individual to you. If it means an activity or a social gathering. At times when this is difficult try new approaches like face time or phone calls. Hearing voices and seeing faces can also be another way to stay connected. 

Use positive affirmations, I know it may sound corny but by verbalising our positive affirmations we help to shut down negative thoughts. This also helps us to produce positive feelings. 

Please take care of yourself and remember to be kind to yourself. After all its about learning to be yourself.